We know that many races you’ve been training for have been canceled or postponed. We know that most of you try to remain motivated and continue to train indoors. What if we tell you that you don’t have to be alone in your journey?

We welcome you to Ultra Race 10 Home Edition, a new kind of event which purpose is to build our running community and also give back to the community.
How does it work?

On 25th of April at 13:00 GMT, wherever we are on this Planet, we’ll put our running shoes on and run 10km, following the restrictions that each country has put in place these days. Either you wanna do it on your treadmill, in your backyard, or even circling the kitchen table, the most important thing is that at that time we’ll all be united by our common passion, building up the running community.

We are aware that 13:00 GMT might not be suitable for everyone, as it’s kind of difficult to sync different timezones,  it’s perfectly fine if you can do your run anytime as long as you stick on Saturday 25th and submit your results by Sunday 26th

The race is absolutely FREE and you’ll receive your BIB number two days prior to the start of the race and a race certificate at completion.

And because we all have lots of medals and sometimes don’t have any place left to hung ’em, each participant will receive a photo album with pictures showing the raw wilderness of Romania, the tracks of our main event Ultra Race Romania – 250km / 6 stages / self-supported which takes place between  10-18th August 2020.

After the race you need to submit your results here (how long it takes you to run or walk 10 km) before 13: 00 GMT on Sunday 26th April. The rankings will be published on our website and social media pages on April 27th.

We like to give our race a bigger purpose, every 50 km will turn into an hour of therapy for the 400 children diagnosed with autism, under the care of Autism Voice NGO.  So, this time we will take steps together and give this personal journey to the children who live their lives isolated on a daily basis because of autism.

See you there friends!







GMT 13:00
Los Angeles 06:00
New York 09:00
Montreal 09:00
United Kingdom 14:00
Bucharest  16:00
Hong Kong 21:00
Singapore 21:00
Sydney 23:00