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9-17 AUGUST 2021

The compulsory equipment and the personal belongings of each participant (food, survival equipment and medical kit, etc.) must weigh between 5.5kg to 15kg without your daily water supply.

Each competitor must provide his/her own food and drink mixes for 7 days (minimum 2 000 calories per day, 14 000 calories for the entire event), otherwise he/she is not entitled to start the race. Gas stoves are strictly forbidden.

1. Backpack - capable of carrying all of the Mandatory and Optional Equipment. A 20-25L backpack is optimal.
2. Sleeping bag - the minimum requirement combination of sleeping bag plus bag liner is 5°
3. Waterproof bag (35L) - the waterproof bag must be a minimum of 35 liters in volume. If there is a chance of rain, it is vital to keep the content of your backpack (in particular, your sleeping bag and camp clothes) dry.
4. Headlamp & Backup light
5. Red flashing light - the red flashing light is required in addition to your headlamp and backup light. This is to be attached to the rear of your backpack and switched on when you are on the course in the dark
6. Lighter
7. Compass
8. Knife / multi-tool
9. Whistle
10. Survival blanket - (2,20 x 1,40 m)
11. Utensils to cook
12. Solid fuel tablets
13. Sunscreen - minimum of 60ml required
14. Medical pocket for the first aid
15. Salt tablets or similar
16. Water recipients - two of 0.75 liter each (or similar but with a total of 1.5 liters)
17. Safety pins - a minimum of 10 required
18. Toilet tissue / wet wipes - no tissues or paper will be provided by Event Staff for toilet use. It is recommended to also bring wet wipes (5-10 wipes per day are recommended)
20. Running shoes - competitors should wear trail or running shoes. Consider buying your shoes 1 to 2 sizes larger than you would normally wear to account for swelling and tape for blisters
21. Socks - two pairs are compulsory
22. Tights / Shorts - two pairs of shorts / tights / pants are required. One pair must cover your full leg as it can get cold.
23. Technical running shirt - one is required, but we recommend two including one that is long -sleeved for sun protection and / or warmth in cold temperatures.
24. Waterproof Jacket - the jacket must be fully waterproof (preferably also windproof) to keep you dry and warm
25. Cap with neck cover
26. Sunglasses - any pair of UV protection sunglasses.
27. Nationality patches - you must wear nationality patches on both sleeves of all tops (including jackets) throughout the event. These are in addition to the Ultra Race Romania patches which are provided by the Organizers. Nationality flags can be silk screened onto all tops instead of using patches.
28. Ultra Race Romania patches - we will send you these patches approximately 6 weeks before the event. You do not need to purchase these. The Ultra Race Romania logo can be silkscreened onto all tops instead of using patches. If you whish to do so, please send us an e-mail at contact@ultraraceromania.ro and we will send to you the image to be printed.


  • Road book
  • Patches
  • BIB number