ultra race romania 

where legends meet


9-17 AUGUST 2021 | 11-19 august 2022

When we first thought about setting up Ultra Race Romania we wondered what does it really take to run 250km (155miles) in a remote part of the world, in self sufficiency? Courage? A bit of madness? Recklessness? And how are the people who usually embark in such adventures? What drive them to reach the finish line? We strongly believe that people are the ones who make these events memorable, as they write their own legend throughout the 250 kilometers. So we are curious to find out more about those who choose to come to Ultra Race Romania. Prepare to meet them!

James Willis

“I came to running quite late. I was an all-round sports child, but Rugby was my first love and the only running I did was while training for other sports.”

Derek Stewart

“You should expect to be in pain – this is an ultra and it’s only natural to feel pain so when it comes, acknowledge it in your head and deal with it.”

Irina Ursachi

“I just run against and towards myself. And that’s what my life is: facing down my fears, living my dreams, and realizing that I am more capable than I could have ever imagined.”

Menna Evans

“Positivity is absolutely key. If you allow an ounce of negativity to seep in, it can spiral in to a much bigger issue and effect your performance. You won’t remember the pain necessarily, but you will remember the people you met, the sights you saw and the experienced you gained”

Edward Chapman

“Races can be tough for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes what was once the toughest becomes a little easier. Your body will think of plenty of reasons why it is okay to give up. I am lucky because I have a history of overcoming difficult moments so know I can get through them. ”

Huw Williams

“It’s very much how you set up your mind. My Doctor has said my tumors have been with me for over 10 years which means that my entire running career I’ve possibly been more fatigued, hitting the walls harder and recovering slower than everyone. I have seen that as my normal though and that’s all due to your inner dialogue content and character.”