ultra race romania

250km | 6 Stages | self-supported
 10-18 AUGUST 2023

Where legends meet

In the Buzau Mountains, the place where you can find about 29 millenary cave settlements, the nature has created mysterious petrified monuments of various bizarre shapes. The legend says that, once upon a time, on the peaks of the Buzau Montains there was a “land of the Sun” ruled by a wise and old king, named Luana, who also gave the name of his reign: Luana’s Country. Here were discovered several cave settlements, carved into the rocks shaped by water flowing downhill and numerous rocks with strange shapes, some discoid, resembling spaceships, others with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic forms.

The people in the area call them the “living stones” because, according to them, these stones grow, can change place and form, and even multiply. So, heavy rains give birth to small pebbles that feed on sand and grow in time.

Many legends speak of these stones, of their divine origin, or as coming from another world. The locals say that they bring prosperity and luck, that’s why their gates are guarded by one of this stone. They also say that this stones change place, come off from the ground and jump to another place.

The largest of them, called also “the old women”, is on top of the mountains and can be seen from the center of the village.

Beyond the legends and tales, some researchers, archaeologists, paleontologists, philosophers and mystics come up with all sorts of other assumptions: the stones could mean the transition from the mineral to the vegetable kingdom, could have a divine or extraterrestrial origin, could be artifacts or fossils of plants or animals, or giant dinosaur eggs, or petrified prehistoric animals.

The ancient mystics and philosophers have admitted that the stones are loaded with special energy, which can interfere with human energy. In the past, but even today, they are used in various energy-based therapies. The stones would have the oldest memory on Earth, witnessing the formation of the planet Earth.

Maybe these “living stones”, curious and still indecipherable creatures, could be the key to all the strange events and the mysteries that cover the area of the Buzau Mountains, from remote times to the present.