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ultra race romania

250km | 6 Stages | self-supported

5-13 AUGUST 2024

Where legends meet

Every Child Needs To Be Heard

We know running 250km in self sufficiency is a tough challenge. We are also aware of how important is the gift of giving back to community. So, we’ve partnered with Autism Voice transforming the miles you run into hours of therapy for the autistic children that the NGO is taking care of.

We are responsible for the destinies of the children and for their voice to be heard and understood!

A 250km race has a finish line. The race of an autistic child never ends. Participating at Ultra Race Romania gives you the opportunity, beyond the personal achievement, to contribute to the children’s race with themselves, because a part of your registration fee will go for that specific purpose.

Ines Has a Smile Now

She is the reason for living to her mother. She is the light in her family’s life. Nowadays, Ines is a sweet child who always amazes you with her ideas and her toothless smile. Yet, a few years ago, Ines was just a frightened kid, who didn’t understand what was happening to her. Being lost in the autistic trap, she worked every day with her therapists and, with the help of her mum, she became more and more confident. Today she has a smile. It’s been years of therapy for this smile, but every day was worth it.She may become a doctor, or a writer. She may become a runner too, as she already participates at Bucharest International Marathon, the kids race. She may become whatever she wants if she gets a chance. And this chance is what we can offer to her. Together. Step by step. Let’s give her the chance to be a legend too!

Remus, The Story of a Little Gentleman

Nowadays, Remus is a small gentleman who touches everyone’s hearts from the first hello. But his story wasn’t always this way. These words weren’t so easy for him a few years ago. Actually, they were impossible. Like all happy kids, he was cheerful and sweet, the joy of his family. Until, one day, when his world changed. Overnight, Remus was locked in a parallel world from which he could not reach to his parents. His smile faded. His joy of living was gone. He was only two years old. Since then, he had made steps in Autism Voice’s care. Day by day, he learned how to get back to our world. What the future holds for him? How it will be when he grows up? Questions that no one knows how to answer to, but we, Autism Voice will be there for him in every moment of his life to help and guide him.

Miriam, A Big World for a Small Girl

She is a little girl in a very big world. We’ve heard this a lot of times, but in her case, this can be a very scary thing.

Being a small child and having to deal with all the things this big world throws at her, is overwhelming. She came to us afraid, trapped in a roller coaster. Because life, when you are an autistic child is indeed a terrifying place to live in.

Miriam is a sweet kid, with a loving family and yet, her life is a continuous struggle. We are here for her every day and, with the help of all the good people who choose to help her, we have big hopes for her future. Maybe, one day, she will be able to get her own voice to tell her legend.

Until then, let us be her voice. Together!