ultra race romania

250km | 6 Stages | self-supported
 10-18 AUGUST 2023

Where legends meet

Long ago, in times when not even the ancestors remember, here, in the Buzau Mountains, lived an old and wise king, Luana, whose cities reached the sky. He was so majestic and divine that powerful gods decided to hide him in the clouds.

The defenders of the fortress were brave fighters, who fought only for justice and never feared death. Although there were enemies who wanted Luana’s castle, their king had miraculous powers and healed the wounds of the soldiers with the enchanted waters of the Valley of Springs.

For a long time, the people of this country lived happily, until enemies came in fire chariots and they brought down disaster on Earth.

The walls of the fortress and its surroundings were burned and the area remained deserted for a long time and neither the birds in flight passed. A great sadness filled the region and it took a long time to be brought back to life. The legends of Luana Country are still a mystery and it’s said that the whole truth lies buried deep down in a cave called the Cave of the Wise.

The legends of the place do not stop here and range from aliens to pyramids, energy centers, magic and evil forces. It is believed that here were giant people who modeled the mountains in the form of pyramids. It is true that the stones on the top seem to be made by the human hand and carefully placed one one top of the other, and inscriptions are seen on some. It is also said that there was once an obelisk and that in the 1970s or 1980s the peak was dynamited to destroy portals that swallowed people.

Beyond legends the scenery takes your breath away and it is hard not to feel the place as energetic and soothing.

The Buzau mountains have been included since ancient times in the sacred geography of the world. Above this area lies a strange blue sky of extraordinary intensity, as you are rarely given to meet. At the same time, the elders tell of the experiments with gifted children made by the former communists, transported here with military trucks, but also of strange phenomena, such as the disappearance of people that reappeared in time.

Take good care when setting the foot in this sacred area and always watch your back.