ultra race romania

250km | 6 Stages | self-supported
 10-18 AUGUST 2023

Where legends meet

In the Podu Calului mountains, from the Cașoca river, the Pruncea waterfall is being discovered, also known as the Cașoca waterfall, a special gift of nature, which stands out by the beauty of the water that hits the rocks and the wildness of the place. But, take a closer look! A very old legend was born here. The waterfall hides in its walls great misteries, some as old as time. It’s said that it was used as a hiding place by the Tudor Vladimirescu’s outlaws, through 1821-1827. In case you were wondering, Tudor was a Romanian revolutionary hero, the leader of the Wallachian uprising.

Negoiță Gheorghelaș, the Romanian equivalent of Robin Hood from the Buzau Mountains, fought side by side with Tudor Vladimirescu, and after his death, he took left in the woods along with other 12 comrades-in-arms.

He took from the rich and gave to the poor, plundering the lords. According to the legend, the whole wealth was hidden in the cave at the Casoca Waterfall, where it was shared with his comrades and the poor people from the area. Some village people think that it might still be there. And we tend to believe them!

Negoiță Gheorghelaș fought for the weak ones and was loved by people, but one day was deceived by Macovei, a noble that followed and killed him by throwing him into the waterfall from a nearby rock.

From time to time, even now people are searching for the hidden treasures, but the spirit of Negoita Gherghelas guards the wealth and it would be revealed only to a pure soul.

So, be cautious. If you do not enter with integrity and pureness, your soul might get trapped in this legend.