ultra race romania

250km | 6 Stages | self-supported
 10-18 AUGUST 2023

Where legends meet

When we first thought about setting up Ultra Race Romania we wondered what it really takes to run 250km in a remote part of the world, in self-sufficiency? Courage? A bit of madness? Recklessness? And how are the people who usually embark on such adventures? What drives you to reach the finish line?

Tell us more about yourself Davide, how and when you started to feel in love with ultra running and with sport in general?

I started running not many years ago, when I was 46, tired of getting too lazy. Then … the magic happened. I fell in love with it and haven’t stopped since! 🙂 Along the way I’ve discovered ultra running which made me curious to find more about myself, more about what I am capable of. I really love challenges and ultra running may have all the answers I need.

What were the toughest races you’ve ever been to?

I was lately in Costa Rica, a multi stage race over 7 days, but I had to stop before the end because of hard weather conditions I wasn’t ready to face.


We can imagine that ultra means difficult moments during the races. How do you manage to overpass them?

Life is a long race since the day you are born and the very last day on this Earth. It is a constant challenge every day, with its ups and downs. But that’s exactly how it should be. Difficult moments are part of it and it sharpen your strength and character. And even difficult moments leave something to you that you can learn from. This is applicable in life and in races too.

From all the endurance experiences you’ve had so far, why multi-stage? What makes these kinds of races so special?

These kind of races are marvelous adventures. You can travel and discover beautiful places around the world, meet amazing people with stunning stories to tell.
You leave these races with your heart and soul fully charged and looking ahead for the next ones.

If you are to choose between 200 miles multi-stage and 200 miles non-stop what’s it gonna be?

Probably …… both! 😊

What’s the mileage you often put into preparing a multi-stage race?

It depends. It’s variable and related to what I am training for.

Have you had a moment during a race when you were about to quit? What was your motivation to continue?

I quit 4 times ’till now. It’s all part of my evolution process as a runner, I guess. It’s important to recognize when it’s getting over your strength, listen to the body’s signals and learn something from it. And then look towards higher goals.


Why Ultra Race Romania? What do you think sets this race apart from others?

A friend of mine, April, talked about Ultra Race Romania when I stopped in Costa Rica. I thought I might enjoy running in Europe in a beautiful country, in a small group. So I got home and enter the race. I am so looking forward to meeting new amazing people and run through beautiful landscapes.