The Eagles Lake

Ultra Race Romania is an unique stage footrace where runners must cover 250km in 6 stages in self sufficiency, exploring raw wilderness, culture, history.

The Eagles Lake

This second name is due to the legend that a shepherd, tired of the life he had, left his flock of sheep, threw the bat in the water of the lake and left. After a year of pilgrimages he finds his bat in the waters of the Danube and, consumed by the longing for the sheep and his native places, returns home.

It is unknown how could the bat be found in the Danube but the storytellers think that this lake has no bottom and it has some mystery ways straight into the Danube, hundreds of miles away.

There are other stories about this lake also. It is said that “the people built a road under the lake during World War II to mislead the German army, and the tanks that entered that road were never seen again, it just sank and never came back to surface.”

So, keep your eyes on the road and don’t let the past ghosts hunt and drag you into the depths.

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